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Severance Pay and General Layoff Protection

Photo credit: Bacho / Introduction Severance pay, also referred to as a General release, separation agreement, Termination agreement and Exit agreements is money paid to an employee who has been laid off, resigned or fired by an employer. The main purpose of severance payment is for employers to give employees instant-though slightly small- payment

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Don’t Leave anything behind: Home Depot Vs. Henshaw

Are you leaving your job? Are you sure you are getting everything they owe you? Whether you are leaving on your own or you were terminated, in California you are owed money for all accrued vacation time upon leaving your job. The Home Depot was sued in a case known as Henshaw and Souza v

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When you get paid is important.

Paydays, pay periods, and the final wages California employees are entitled to certain expectations when it comes to getting paid. There are exceptions to most any rule of course, which you can find in the chart that follows, but otherwise the information here regards the pay guidelines for all California workers. 1. California employees are

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How Do I Collect What I’m Owed Now?

If your company goes under or refuses to pay, is your manager liable for the wages you are owed? Interestingly enough, this is not a commonly tried case, however in 2010 the case of Miguel MARTINEZ, v. Corky N. COMBS was brought to California Supreme Court to decide this joint-employer which was disputed. The full

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Three Signs You’re About to get FIRED, and what to do.

Another Monday comes and you are dreading that return to work. Are you hoping to get laid off? Most of us have a sixth sense about when the ax is about to fall at work. The best time to look for a new job is always when you still have one, so here are three

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Fired or Laid Off? Did you get your final pay?

Waiting Time Penalties for Having to Wait for Your Final Pay Check Waiting time penalties are fees the employer must pay the employee if they do not give them their final pay in an appropriate amount of time. Labor Code 203: (a) If an employer willfully fails to pay, without abatement or reduction, in accordance with

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Final Pay Checks in California

Have you been terminated, laid off or have you recently quit and are still waiting for your final paycheck? In California, employers must pay former employees within specific periods of time. If they do not pay former employees on time the employer will be subject to Waiting Time Penalties. • If you are terminated or

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